TW: gore, trauma, confused teenagers having confused feelings

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(48 total ratings)
AuthorJenna Yow
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsGore, Narrative, Queer, Short, Story Rich, Twine


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I found myself actually wincing. The way you write the friends... Genuinely made me fearing for the friend's life, It felt *real*, And i applaud you for that.


interesting bbg

bro i just intoduced you to my favorite interactive novel/game with mature themes, and you call me bbg 💀


L + Ratio + stay mad bbg




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this is awesome and traumatizing for a moment but cool ngl

This is certainly memorable, not sure if the reason is good or bad but this certainly something that will stick in my mind.  

Anyway, I enjoyed the experience and hope you make more games in the future.


What a amazing story! Even though it is very short it builds athmosphere and tension beautifully.


A really heavy story , makes me really sad for the friends :( but otherwise its beautiful


beautiful writing, I love the dialogue and the push and pull between these two characters. The thought processes are so layered and full 

Personally I don't understand why she wanted them gone, but that's just coming from someone who'd kill to have some. Very good, got me feeling emotions.


holy !! this is epic!! i loved it :D and the art is amazing !!

Deleted post



my heart is shattered.

It's excellent but a little short.

8.7/10 as it is

10/10 if extended


...all I can think to say is, "Stay safe, but stay alive."

That was really heavy and well done. Good content warnings.