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Oh this was so my jam. BEAUTIFULLY written. Tight and evocative. Loved it. <3


I need help! I downloaded the mac version of the game but mine refuses to open it. What should I do?


ah, that's not on you! It means I'll have to update unity and make another Mac build. MacOS refuses to run unity games by unrecognized developers (like students...) unless they're built from the latest unity version. I'll get back to you soon!


Just hit the same problem. Any idea when there will be an update? Excited to check this out!


Hey, same problem here!

hey i'm also unable to run this on mac. would love to play it though!

Also having the same problem here - would love to play this on Mac; any updates?

This experience was fantastic. Thank you : )

Text is still running off the screen


That was excellent.

I wish it was longer. Right up my alley.


Hi! I love the writing and atmosphere, it's extremely cool.

Found a bug-- talking to Orion in the chest of the mech and asking about their service gave me a blank screen with nowhere to go after that.


This game is completely lovely, I can’t wait to see what you do next.


Hi! Really excited to play! 

Just starting.  Is there a way to make it full-screen?

There isn't currently on in the game settings, but you should be able to do it from the window itself! I'll be working to implement some in-game resolution settings soon.

No, that option is greyed out.  At this size the text is hard to read...but I'm still enjoying it!

If you're on windows, you can often use "alt + enter" to have the system full screen a windowed game. Haven't tried it here yet but maybe that'll help!


there were so many subtle paths n iterations to this I had fun exploring! Exceptional work =w=

Hello! Playing on a macbook, but I'm not sure how to access it c':  The app won't open. Is there anything I can do?


Depending on which OS you’re on, you might have to ctrl-click and select “Open” to bring up the dialogue to allow the app to run. Or you may need to download and run it from the Itch app.

Oh! Thank you so much! Downloading and running through the Itch app works! Cx

Bug report! Right now I'm having an issue where text is running off the page and there's no way either to expand the window to see the full text or scroll down to read it.

shoot! I knew I missed some of those. thanks for catching it!

it's on this page as well

Hey!! As of update 0.2, these moments of overflow should be resolved now. Thanks so much to you both for catching them!


I had one; I didn't take a screenshot but it was on the page where the god is talking about how its followers were treated and how it was found and made into a mech; I was playing as a Zairan janitor if that helps


The sounds in this are soo good. I've played through this a couple times so far and even though it's not long the characters have so much personality to them and are so well shaped. I had the resolution issue as well but when I put it in fullscreen it went to the right size. 

Bought the game, but having an issue where it opens in a MUCH larger resolution than my monitor (1600x900) and even then, not all the text fits and I haven't been able to find a way to change the resolution or force the game to fit in my window.

Not sure what I missed, but Googling this issue has been less than helpful so far.

I've heard that fullscreen can help resolve that problem, but regardless I'll be working to implement some more resolution options. Thanks for letting me know!!

hi again! As of the recent update, I've included resolution options for 1600x900 and 1280x720. hope that helps!


Excited to try this out!  However I can't get it to run... at all.  On Windows, running the .exe just gives me a loading cursor for about 3 seconds and then nothing happens.  Not sure if there's any help you can provide, but I'll keep at it

Oh no!! I haven't heard of that happening before...I'll look into it!

I got it working by, I am sad to say, turning my computer off and back on again.  So maybe it was a weird permissions issue right after install.

...huh! Well, if it works, it works. Glad things resolved for you!